Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I must admit I do neglect this blog, although considering my current dilemma of unemployment and my absolute need to be busy at all times in fear of getting depressed, dedicating myself to something as pointless as this could give me something to do besides watch reruns of Law and Order SVU (the only Law & Order that's worth anything) and gorging on... well... just about anything.

I'm currently sitting on the plane on my way to New York, flying Virgin America. It's like I'm flying for the first time. I'm comfortably nuzzled in a space age plane with every form of entertainment you could ever need with no fear of being dragged into the firey pits of boredom. Although considering the previous mentioned dilemma, the fact that everything fun and intelligent numbing comes with a price ($$) just makes me thankful that my wonderful mother is here with me. Thanks momma!

My boyfriend and I have been in a slight rut as of lately. Feeling helpless and losing control of the creative freedom we once had full, undeniable control over. The ideas are there but the lack of outlet and audience makes it feel useless at times. Figuring out what it is exactly that we want to say, how we want to express ourselves, etc. I'm working on laying out an assignment for him. I will be his audience and will grade him, rewarding him with sexual favors depending on his own performance. Appropriate, right? Good. Does this fall under the realm of hooking? Desperate times my friends, desperate times. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. Leaving out the gorey details. I will just bless you with the work. :)

Another thing that I think could be fun. But first, let me tangent : I suppose blogs are pretty self absorbing. You write an entry about things you've done and expect people to read it like they care about you. Keeping in tune with this oh so self important rampage of mine, I'm going to share with you some of the crap I get myself into on a day-to-day basis. I'm a do-it-yourself kinda girl and I love to figure things out on my own. I like to refer to books, but mostly to get the basic jist of something. Then I throw it to the wind and try to attack the problem with my own critical thinking abilities. I will share with you, paintings, art shows, opinions, critiques, recipies, jokes, photos (but only good ones, no party pics unless I find them to be absolutely necessary) music, and things to think about it general. Maybe I'll be able to do it better then all the other assholes with blogs.

When I say "you" I obviously mean the dark hole of the internet.

Coming all the way from an altitude of 37362 feet, soaring over America's Heartland, Iowa.


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