Friday, January 22, 2010




These are the three paintings I'm working on for the Heard of Elephants show on FEBRUARY 6TH AT 7 OCLOCK AT Synchronicity Space 4306 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90029! Did the bold catch your attention? It's powerful that way.

Anyway I'm working on a self portrait, a portrait of Marissa (my lovely sister) and Aaron. I'm half sorry about the quality of the photos and half not at all because I think you should all just come to the show and see them for real. Consider this a fuzzy pixelated teaser. I've been really into painting portraits, gravitated towards them pretty exclusively... although I guess these are a little different. There's no full face in any of them... They're all cut off in some way. In mine the head is completely out of the frame because I was jumping on a trampoline. If you come to the show I'll tell you the stories behind each painting. As that is the most exciting part.


the back detail... all sewn by hand.

and the front.

This was one of the tops for The Great Gatsby piece in the Beverly Hills High School Dance Company show. Worn with dark denim and black chucks. It looked pretty sweet. All the tops were different. Some had fringe, some different beading. I'll post them soon. I'm waiting for the photographs from the show so you can see all the fringe in motion!