Thursday, March 10, 2011


A Self Portrait?
Yes, that was my original intention. I used an old photo I found of myself. Cut my hair, blah blah. This is a big one : 5 ft by 3.5 ft, oil and acrylic. (I really don't like the way these look in photographs... again, they look much better in person... I'm also not doing a very good job at photographing them... ) The background stripes I did after working at the gugg in an abstract art gallery all day. What a great effin day.

This is a painting I'm working on right now that's currently in it's ugly stage. That horrible period in the painting process where nothing is working and you just have to walk away and let it dry and stop pushing around the mud. But, I thought I'd post it anyway. It started out as black and white in a completely different pose, so, it's transformed quite a bit. It'll get done... eventually...


Hey All! Things have been craaazy busy around here. Unfortunately I wish that it was crazy busy with art making rather then Pizza slangin, but a girl's gotta work. I recently rearranged and rebuilt my art space in my apartment. Pretty stoked on it. I made that shelf with left over Guggenheim ply. It is seriously a dream. Everything is exactly where I want it and my clean up has been cut in half. I still have a few shelves I want to put up... in due time. I need some space for all my chemicals so they're not scattered about the floor.

That painting on the wall is done now (not in the photo) and I'll post that when I get home from work. I finally got it out of it's ugly stage that every effing painting goes through. So check back soon.