Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010


almost done...

Aaron and I have been hanging out at his friend's Niel and Orien's place. They live in this beautiful apartment off La Brea. Old brick building, huge open rooms, big wooden old school windows, hardwood floors, and a complete and utter cluster fuck of a mess. It's great. Anyway, they were kind enough to let Aaron and I paint a Pin-up girl riding a bear on their wall. So, please enjoy. We enjoyed the shit out of making it.

(We very much want to include red text behind this whole gruesome scene. If any of you have any good suggestions, PLEASE don't hesistate to comment)

Friday, April 23, 2010


While I'm here, bloggin and shit, I figure I might as well post the final installation of the shoe project. It did turn out sweet, although I think Aaron and I hated every single second of this. We will never make art out of shoes again.

If you want to see this installation in the flesh, you can go to New Puppy LA Gallery at 2808 Elm St. in Cypress Park. Each pair is for sale for $100. Please go buy them so Aaron and I have some extra money when we head out to NY!


It's been a little while since I've posted anything new on this blog. Mainly because I've just been trying to finish up a bunch of design projects that are relatively boring. A website here and there, some branding shit. You know, the whatever projects.

Those of you who have been following this blog probably know about the Portraits of the Abstract project that I've been working on with Aaron and Danielle. Well, I've just recently named it that. The gallery we were going to show at fell through, due to the fact that the date they wanted to show it, Aaron and I would not be in the state any longer (NY in 2 weeks!) and we really wanted to be here to see it through.

We printed 4 portraits of the girls that don't necessarily highlight the paintings, but more highlight the girls that were so wonderful to come out and model for us. Something that I really wanted to do with this project was put these paintings in a different context, one that would allow me to get up close and personal with these paintings that I love, but don't necessarily understand and to allow the girls to build a relationship with the paintings. In addition to the portraits, I've been designing books that highlight the rest of the photoshoot. There were so many amazing photos that we took, choosing 1 for each girl didn't seem like enough. So, along with the photographs are small zine type books.

We're going to be showing them at a small party at my home in Cheviot Hills in about a week from now. I'm pretty excited to show them in this personal, fun and laid back setting, considering thats exactly how we approached this project. Once I've finished the books, I'll post photographs of them for you to see.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010






ARKANSAS (alexis branger did these... absolutely amazing)

Remember the shoe project I talked about before? It's finally coming to a close. Here are 5 / 10. Come out to the show at NEW PUPPY GALLERY in CYPRESS PARK at 2808 ELM ST. THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!

Monday, April 5, 2010


My dear friend Sam Webster is having his final recital for CSUFullerton. It's been a long and treacherous road for him, but April 16th he will prove his awesomeness to everyone. Using the cheer of a L'il Abner cover, I did a watercolor flyer for him to promote his performance. And here it is. I hope to see you there!