Sunday, April 25, 2010


almost done...

Aaron and I have been hanging out at his friend's Niel and Orien's place. They live in this beautiful apartment off La Brea. Old brick building, huge open rooms, big wooden old school windows, hardwood floors, and a complete and utter cluster fuck of a mess. It's great. Anyway, they were kind enough to let Aaron and I paint a Pin-up girl riding a bear on their wall. So, please enjoy. We enjoyed the shit out of making it.

(We very much want to include red text behind this whole gruesome scene. If any of you have any good suggestions, PLEASE don't hesistate to comment)


  1. I think that together, you guys do amazing things. individually you do, too. But when you guys put your heads together crazy shit happens. seriously, it blows my mind.

  2. oh also, that bear kind of resembles aaron. i don't know how to explain it, but it totally does. it's something in the face.

  3. I love that your friends let you do this! How fun!

  4. yay!! they are my roommates!! the coolest roommates ever! lol