Saturday, May 22, 2010


signed it! (we WILL have the hussies website up soon. promise.)

Last week, Max, Justin and I were all on their roof after the AIDs walk, "winding down", to put it eloquently... or legally... and began to notice the complete lack of art in the surrounding area. So, of course we agreed to do a mural on one side of their roof. We bounced around a few ideas, but ultimately this seemed to be the missing piece.

Since we had a square in the middle of a skyline to work with, we thought about somehow utilizing the space by making it seem like someone was actually hanging out in the square, for instance : maybe all you saw were legs dangling at the top as if someone were sitting there, or perhaps a girl would be leaning on the edge. Anyway, we came to this. Noelle Raffael (, a new friend we made today helped us with it, and did an awesome awesome job at that. We really enjoy painting murals, so if you ever need a mural done, please don't hesitate to call us. We have references.


  1. so awesome! way to go alicia!

  2. well done, give that building some character :-)