Saturday, September 18, 2010


I feel like that's a title from a song we used to sing at sleepaway camp. I think...

Anyway, I'm doing this mural at a friend's apartment. He approached me wanting a very atmospheric nature painting on his wall, and I'm not great at doing atmospheric stuff... but I can do sketchy ridiculously large intricate trees, and he seemed okay with that. He's also a mountain man kinda guy. Goes hiking in Colorado, get's lost on trails... someone with a lot of pockets in his clothing, you know what I mean. So, after finishing the tree, I kind of stood back and looked at it, thinking, this needs a large, absurd animal. A moose seemed fitting for Chris. If I were to dub a spirit animal for Chris, it'd probably be a moose.

I think this is the biggest drawing I've ever done. It's probably 10 feet high by 12 feet wide. This is just the drawing thus far. I'm going to start painting it in the next few days when I get a day off from work. If ever...

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