Saturday, September 18, 2010


I've been working on this painting in my spare time, and it's finally done. (My apologies for the shitty quality. I did it on craft paper as too diminish it's preciousness... and because it was so fun working with Quel Beast on craft paper, so I thought I'd continue the trend) I was flipping through a Paper Magazine, saw a picture of this chick, and loved the facial expression, so I started painting her. Later to find out she's some huge pop star and I had no idea. Oh well. I don't really think it looks like Nicki Minaj anymore though. Some things got warped, I gave her a hair cut (or a wig cut in this case), changed her make-up a bit... gave her some accessories.

I also listened to a SHIT TON of electro-pop while I was painting this. Which I think is where the inspiration for the color came from.

La Roux puts me in a pop pastel mood.

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