Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've received another job! How fantastic. I'm currently working on a logo and website design for a dear dear friend of mine. She owns a company called The Writing Company and I've been experimenting with different ways of treating and designing a logo.

The script is inspired by a typeface she sent me. I didn't want to buy the typeface so I found one that was kind of similar to it and then just drew my own over it. I also feel like I'm cheating when I use already existing typefaces to design a logo. I like having my hand feel in there.

I started all of these on the computer and felt utterly uninspired so for the next one I busted out my dad's old typewriter. Yes, we saved it. Thanks dad. Unfortunately all the ink cartridges were sucked dry so Aaron had the brilliant idea to paint calligraphy ink onto the ribbons! I really like the way that one looks. Perfect Imperfections.

The last one I drew with a pencil and did very little touching up. I wanted it to feel as though it had been written. Fitting for "The Writing Company"

Must start on website! Must keep working!

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  1. Alicia! I love these logos very much. All lovely. Eva x