Saturday, March 6, 2010


What a day! No hangover, up and ready to go, another painted girl that worked beyond perfection, a team that is getting pretty near flawless, I could go on... What a day. We painted Alexis Branger today, an old Otis classmate wearing a strapless semi-heart shaped Hans Hofman painting. Aaron and I planned the shit out of these colors. We mixed about 10 colors prior to Danielle and Alexis's arrival making sure that each one was perfect on its own while similaneously considering the extent to which it would mix with the other colors. A methodic process indeed, and well worth it. Not to mention the fact that Alexis was a superb model - a ton of fun to work with, brought ideas to the table, incorporated props. Thanks Alexis! You were awesome.

At this point, the only one left to finish is Eba - the Jackson Pollock peice which will take place at New Puppy Gallery pretty soon. The hands on aspect of this project is coming to a close, time to fuck with the photos.

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