Monday, March 15, 2010


Success! Ah such great success. This was a hectic weekend beyond belief. I don't even think that I would call it a weekEND because it very much felt like Monday. Every. Day. I guess this is why everyone else in the world dubs Americans to be such hard workers. It finally makes sense.

We had our photo / video shoot for NWL this weekend. I'm actually not sure if I've ever mentioned this project on my blog, so I'll do a bit of explaining. Aaron Needham, Danielle Buerli, Jessica Dalva, Steve Edlund and I make up the design team for a dance company called BoomKat. ( We're currently working on revamping NeverWonderLand, a show that went up about 10 months ago. It's a lovely story, developed by BoomKat, existing as the prequel to Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Anyway, we all have our designated jobs, mine being costumer.

I included 3 costume sketches that I did a few months ago in preparation for the shoot. Seeing them come to life was so... awesome. For lack of a better word. Phenomenal maybe. We shot the Queen of Hearts played by Juliana Tyson, Alice played by Lili Fuller, Peter played by Nathan Parsons, Captain James (Hook) played by Donald Webber Jr., The White Rabbit played by Joe Sofranko, and Tinkerbell played by Emily Iscoff-Daigan.

The final photos and video will be up in about a month. Get excited.

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