Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sergio's gone. Off to Austin, Texas he went. Aaron and I are still left in Los Angeles and to my utter and extreme disappointment, we're not leaving for New York for 7 long, tiresome weeks. I had been saying 6 weeks for a couple weeks, just to make myself feel better, but today I thought I better tap back into reality and count exactly how much longer we have. 7. weeks.

It's Tuesday today, 9:30 PM as you might recognize from the time stamp on this blog, and I am extremely bored. Aaron and I are working on this project, making art pieces out of shoes for a travel show at New Puppy gallery in like... maybe a week and a half. April 10th, whenever that is. I've been making things out of sculpey and dipping dead lizards from my garden in resin. Things like that. I'm not sure we'll get it done. Aaron is walking around bored too. Come on New York, just be May already. Jeez.

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